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Questions to Ask When Buying a Car
Questions to Ask When Buying A Car

Has the time come that you are thinking about buying a car for the first time? If so, there are several questions that need to be asked before doing so. Because all of use at Chatham Parkway Lexus know just how big of a deal this is, we want to make the process as stress-free as possible so we have compiled a list of questions that you will need to ask yourself and the salesperson before buying the car of your dreams. Below you will find some of the questions that you need to take into consideration before making your big decision.

Why do I need the car? Before you come to the dealership, you need to ask yourself why you need a car. Maybe you need a family-friendly vehicle that offers ample space and technology. Or maybe you need a car to get to and from work and gas mileage is for utmost importance. Whatever reason you have for buying a car, make sure you have a justifiable one before you start blindly looking at vehicles.

What are my must-haves? In addition to asking yourself why you need a car, you need to ask yourself what are the deal breakers. What features does the vehicle must have in order for you to be happy and what must it not have?

How much can I afford? Probably one of the most important questions to ask yourself, this is something that you need to know before even considering buy a car. Set your budget and be realistic. Our highly-trained staff at Chatham Parkway Lexus will work with your lifestyle and budget to find a car that meets all of your needs.

May I see a copy of the car's history report? If you decide that buying a used vehicle is more your speed, you need to make sure to ask about the accident history of the car. Ideally, the dealer will provide you with both the CARFAX report and an AutoCheck report so you will know about a potential issue that the car may have.

If you have any questions about buying a car or need assistance in finding one that is right for you, please feel free to contact us directly or stop by Chatham Parkway Lexus at 1120 Chatham Parkway, Savannah, GA 31405. We look forward to serving our customers from Savannah, GA, and throughout Statesboro and Bluffton!

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